Works of art and architecture I would like to see in person

By: Derrick D. Spencer

The boxeurs to me is a great piece of two-dimensional art. It shows great depth in the audience. This was painted during a time of slavery. The shading on this piece of art is amazing and accurate.
This is another two-dimension art. This is more precious than Mona Lisa. The details and coloring are amazing. The facial expressions the details of their clothing are great. A must see piece of art.
This is an amazing piece of architecture. This building went through a lot in World War II. Just to view the arches and the structure would be nice. It took time and patience to restore the building.
The painting is full of color and depth. The buildings at bottom shows their distance. Amazing painting for a 13 yr old. The demons are unique and the lines drawn around them to separate them.
2D painting that has a lot of detail to it. The angels' facial expression is great. The lines used above Jesus are different than normal lines used for water. This art is just full of color and depth.
Credits: All media
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