The popular world - jess dean

This Gallery shows pop art through the ages, it shows how it depicts what is happening in the world. These pieces of art have become a part of popular society just as what they depicted did.

The Red Barn piece by Roy Lichtentien is a wonderful example of pop art. Everything in the painting is outlined in black, there is pointalism, and only two main colors.
Mother and daughter: Tina and Lisa Bilotti is a piece by one of the most famous pop artists Andy Warhol. This piece has exaggerated shadows and highlights.
This shows how pop art was influenced by true events that were happening in the world. The colors in this piece pop a lot.
This is another piece that shows how pop art was sometimes inspired by true events. This piece has the pointalism that the other ones have, it almost makes them look like they are from comic books.
This was a new type of pop art that Andy Warhol was famous for. It's a series of artwork on one piece. He did this with soup cans and Marilyn Monroe.
This piece is different patterns and colors separated into panels. More work like this by the famous Lichtenstein was a popular thing to see.
This piece is very similar to the one before it with more colors. This has all the primary colors and black and white. It uses pointalism to shade.
This shows a different form of pop art. In this there are blocks with letters under a house. It probably symbolizes something, because it's art, it's up for interpretation.
This is a newer form of pop art. They call it street art. It can be found plastered on the side of buildings and walls. It is probably the most popular form now a days.
This is another new popular form of pop art, It is black and white photography with something in it colored.
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