The Other = The Unknown 

   By: ADRIANA BERNABE                                                        Not knowing the background of a person or thing, makes you unsure of their intentions, and you don't know if they are good or bad, so you don't trust them, which makes you think they are your enemy.

To Me, What makes a person or thing the other is anger, envy, and fear, because by feeling that way towards them, evokes a feeling of you vs. them.
The reason why the title of my art gallery is The Unknown, is because not knowing a person, or thing, is what makes us fear, envy, or get angry at it.
This man is afraid of these creatures, but fails to comprehend that they might be more afraid of him than he is of them.
Because these creatures don't really know this person, or vice versa, they are considered enemies, and the victim fears them, while the others envy him.
Here, the man is the other towards the lions, because he is their master and they are afraid of getting punished, but the man is more afraid of them, because he knows they could kill him any time.
These two are the other towards each other, because their differences make them that way. Because of this, the Horse fears it, while the loin does nothing but stare in more powerful position.
Because people are different, they get treated differently because they are viewed in a lower status, and not a part of their community.
This man is a stranger to them, so the people fear him because they don't know his intentions towards them.
Because these people refuse to get to know each other, they believe they are against each other, and create war with out any emotions getting in the way.
Overall,not knowing another person's background and judging them w/out any info. about them can be dangerous,not only to them,but on the perpetrator as well,because they view each other as the other
Credits: All media
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