Roman Religious beliefs

 Beliefs: trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something. Beliefs were developed because people needed an explanation to why things happened they needed to feel protected and safe in the word. The Romans believed in mythological gods, and creatures. Later on they believed in Christianity or the idea of a monotheistic religion. Romans had a polytheistic religion until 509 BC- 391 AD. And in 391 AD until 476 AD, Christianity rose. On the following images you will see pictures and sculptures of gods praised by Romans as well as objects that represent Christian ideas and objects that have a meaning or use in Christianity. Religious beliefs is a very important topics to be discussed because this believes are still present till today and people will always have faith or confidence in someone or something else, no matter what. People in ancient Rome believed that these mythological gods helped them and influenced them in their daily lives. People had temples and followed rituals for their gods. This religion was so important to them that often people sacrificed animals, slaves, or even prisoners for their gods. They also had stories about the gods know as myths this stories explained how the world works and why the things that took place happen. These things included natural disasters, seasons, natural barriers and many more. When Christianity rose people started to believe in only one God known as the leader of all and the greatest. God’s son was known as Jesus. Christian people believed in saints that would help them depending on their problem. It is believed that the person who spread and brought the message of Christianity to Greece, Asia Minor, and Rome was spread by a man names St. Paul. He also established many churches, which is the Christian house of worship.The sculptures and objects shown reflect how important gods where in the people’s daily life.

Zeus was the god of the gods. He was the god of the heavens and sky. He was represent by eagles to show that he was superior than any other god, he was also represented by oak trees to show strength and by a thunderbolt to show power. This is a sculpture of Zeus it was made in about 100 B.C. It was used as a decoration and was a symbol of faith, respect, and admiration towards the god.
This is a painting that was made in C.1913. It shows The Rape of Persephone. She was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. One day Persephone got abducted by Hades, which was the god of the underworld. Hades made a deal with Demeter that she can have her daughter for 6 months, and the other six hades would have her. Demeter agreed. And that’s why there are seasons. When Demeter is happy there is summer, but when she is upset because she misses her daughter there is winter. This painting is important because it shows how the gods were used by the Roman people to explain how the world works.
This is a painting of the Pantheon it was painted in C.1734. This image represents the house of prayer of the ancient romans during the polytheistic religion. The pantheon was named after the entire collection of roman gods. Here people came to praise their gods as well as thank them or leave them gifts. The Pantheon is very important because it shows that people cared about there gods. Many plebeians used to sleep in the interior of the pantheon because they believed that the gods would send them dreams of what to change in there lives to become wealthy. The pantheon honored and respected the gods.
This is a marble sarcophagus; it is carved with Dionysus, the seasons, and many more triumph ants celebrating. It was made between 260-270 AD. It was originally used in Roman funerary. This explains that the mortals were influenced by the Gods and had certain traditions. Who created this sarcophagus is anonymous but the creator made this carving in a specific way in which the viewers eyes moves from one figure to the other.
This is a Christian cross. It was made in about 1020; crosses don’t really have a date because this symbol has been used to represent Christianity for centuries. This cross is important because it demonstrates the importance of Christianity in ancient Rome, crosses where used to pray and it symbolizes respect, honor, and values toward God.
This is a carved sculpture, of Saint Hippolytus. It was found in 1430. He was a prey bester during the rule of pope Zephyrus. He was known for being a fast learner as well as for his writings. He was also one of the most known Theologians in the Christian church. This sculpture was used to praise this saint and make requests to him in certain shows how Christians believed in saints to help them improve in there daily lives.
This is a clay vessel that holds holy water. It was made in about 400 AD. It was used by Christians. This water Symbolizes spiritual cleaning. It is important because it shows how Christian’s believed that daily use things such as water could become so special ones blessed by a member of the clergy. The vessels substance was used to clean or bless a house, person, or object.
This is a carved limestone. It was made in about the early roman period 26 CE. It was used as a decoration on a temple, this limestone is important because it shows tells that Pontius Pilate was the one who forced Jesus to be crucified. This shows that even in ancient Rome people influenced by Christianity had a division between the good and the bad.
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