Art of contrition: An Immaculate collection          

My gallery is religious themed art  with the emphasis of  color.  Even though I have a description for each piece, I wanted to showcase a collection of art work that can tell a story without using words. Displaying a story as your eyes dance across the work. Recreating a time and story from long ago that will captive you.

This picture depicts Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before the fall of man and before we needed an act of contrition. The element of color shows the lush green garden and prefect blue sky. While using colors of darkness to paint the serpent that tempted Eve. A reflection of it's true intent.
This picture depicts mother Mary holding the baby Jesus. The colors in this picture shows Mary in bold colors surrounded by a heavenly light of soft gold and earth tone baby angles with Madonna and child. The colors used also indicate the pureness of both mother and child. To which they are perceived as holy.
The depiction of this painting is Mary Magdalene washing the feet of Jesus. The bold colors and light of both Jesus and Mary Magdalene represent both savior and servant. Since she was a prostitute, the color of her garment is red like she is wearing the scarlet letter of her past indiscretions. Giving thanks for her redemption.
The painting depicts Jesus looking to the sick woman who has come to him for healing. The colors Jesus is wearing are bold and leaves the impression that he is the center of this painting. The sick woman is in pale colors indicating that she is sick and is in need of a miracle.
The heart of Mary painting depicts the pure heart of her. It shows the heart pure in nature with a dagger through it for what her son went through. The colors of this painting show the heart surrounded by what looks like gold and white clouds and protected by angels with rosy red checks depicting a sense of purity.
The betrayal of Christ depicts the story of when one of Jesus' disciples turned on him. The colors of this painting shows Jesus wearing white as to show is pure sinless nature, while the others were bold colors to say they are the good ones. And the bottom you see the one whom did betray Jesus in a color of light green as to maybe represent the color of guilt.
This Christ and Mary Magdalene depicts the story of when Christ forgave her for her sins and way of life. The colors used for this, again shows Jesus in white as a form a purity and kindness, while it shows Mary in dark colors, perhaps displaying a reflection of her sins.
In the The Temptation of Christ painting it shows Jesus in the wilderness and Satan trying to tempt Christ to make him sin and fall from grace. The colors show you that Christ is in the wilderness by the beautiful greens and earth tones of the wilderness. The other colors represent Satan with dark garments and making him a darker image to reflect his true nature.
The Christ on the cross painting depicts the death the savior Jesus Christ. The colors used for this painting shows sorrow and despair. The artist used dark colors to show the darkness in the sky, displaying that for a moment the world was going dark. As well as the black garment Mary wore as a sign of pure sadness.
The burial of Christ shows the people gathering up the body of Jesus to take him to the tomb. The colors in this are very dark only shedding bright colors of Jesus. Though some of the peoples clothing is bold, the colors show and display a dark and traumatic event.
Credits: All media
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