The Blue in people- Christian Amadeo-Florit

My theme for this gallery is displaying the variations of blue on people, both men and female, in different time periods, cultures, and settings. Although people see the color blue as a sad color, I want to show how the color can portray other meanings like calmness, loyalty, and confidence.

This depicts a variation of the virgin mother Mary in a dark blue sheet with a glow of yellow. The blue in this painting gives Mary a sense of love and compassion.
This painting displays a man named Paul Frank Beich in a dark blue suit. The blue gives a sense of power to Paul, as he was the head of a major candy candy factory at the time.
The painting displays a young lady with a bright blue dress, with a pink flower on her head. The blue in the dress helps give the feeling of warmth and love to the figure.
This depicts a portrait of a lady near a tree with a bright blue dress. Not only does the blue helps give the sense of warmth, but also gives a sense of luxury for the time it was painted.
This depicts a women named Cézanne in a blue blouse. This is one of the few painting that help portray the emotion of sadness through the colors of the blouse, background, and facial expression.
This painting shows a couple, with the husband in the back, and the wife up front with a blue dress. The blue gives the wife a sense of power and dominance, as it helps make the figure pop and glow.
This is a painting of Heungseon Daewongun Yi Haeung in a blue outfit and black hat. The blue gives him a sense of power as he was a huge political figure in Korea at the time.
This depicts a woman with a blue dress. The blue in the dress helps give a sense of security, as colors like blue and turquoise meant healing and strength in Turkey, where this painting was from.
This painting shows a lady in a dark blue dress and a dark blue hat. The blue helps give a sense of sadness, but also royalty, as blue is depicted as that in France, there is painting came from.
This sculpture depicts a Kunti, a women in India, with aspects of South Asia goddesses. The blue helps give a sense of wisdom and divinity, as the goddesses with blue are seen in that way.