Color Brings Life

Exhibiting beautiful works of art that uses color to make the viewer see, emotionally feel and hear the artist's work. Can you hear the color green?

Poppy field, Vincent van Gogh, June 1890, From the collection of: Kunstmuseum
I love the colors in this Vincent painting, specifically the sky. There is a lot of different shades of blue and greens
Flowering plum orchard: after Hiroshige, Vincent van Gogh, October 1887 - November 1887, From the collection of: Van Gogh Museum
I chose this painting because I thought it was cool how Va Gogh created an Asian inspired work of art. I love the orange as a border it really inframes the central image
The Bedroom, Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853-1890), 1889, From the collection of: The Art Institute of Chicago
Van Gogh's epic bedroom painting. Another example on how he utilizes his colors. The floor contains not only brown but a shade of green that compliments the blue walls giving the painting a summer day chill type of feel.
Garden at Arles, Vincent van Gogh, July 1888, From the collection of: Kunstmuseum
The use of a few colors and many different shades to create this farm meadow image.
Sunflowers, Vincent van Gogh, January 1889 - 1889, From the collection of: Van Gogh Museum
an example of 1 color used in many different shades to create these sunflowers.
Courtesan: after Eisen, Vincent van Gogh, October 1887 - November 1887, From the collection of: Van Gogh Museum
Another Asian inspired painting by Van Goph. I loves to colors on the women's dress, she looks very elegant
Portrait of Camille Roulin, Vincent van Gogh, November 1888 - December 1888, From the collection of: Van Gogh Museum
not only do i like to colors but the brush strokes in this painting are amazing also.
Patch of grass, Vincent van Gogh, 1887, From the collection of: The Kröller-Müller Museum
This painting reminds me of the grass I use to draw when i was a kid. although mines never looked so realistic and never had dept as much as this painting does.
Wheatfield with crows, Vincent van Gogh, July 1890 - 1890, From the collection of: Van Gogh Museum
It's very odd to have yellow what looks like grass.
La Eme Enrulada & Estalido de Color, San Telmo, Buenos Aires (2013), LA EME ENURLADA, ESTALIDO DE COLOR, From the collection of: Buenos Aires Graffiti
I like graffiti. Some people see is as vandalism, I see it as art. When looking at this art work I tend to pay more attention to the background which the drips of color over the yellow.
A Secret of the Forest, Seo, Sang Ik, 2011, From the collection of: Korean Art Museum Association
A very dark and mysterious painting by someone other then Van Gogh. i love the colors of the tops of the trees, its yellow but not to yellow. Also the brush strokes of paint to make the leaves on the ground is a great technique.
Unfinished Story, Choi, Wook-kyung, 1977, From the collection of: National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea
A cool abstract painting created by Choi. I loves all the colors used in this painting and who the compliment each other.
Lovers in a Cinema, Deborah Bell, 1985, From the collection of: Iziko Museums of South Africa
another dark painting. The mans coat has a lot of werid colors on it. lovely.
Early spring, Halonen, Pekka, 1911, From the collection of: EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art
A great snowy painting painted by Halonen. I love how majority of the image is white but you can still see the different figures clearly. You can tell its a tree by the side of a slope. Kinda of amazing how the purple of the tress word well in this piece of art.
The Scream, Edvard Munch, 1910, From the collection of: The Munch Museum, Oslo
The scream a well know piece by Edvard. Just weird but cool.
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