Nature is pure. Artist depict nature in many ways and can show different perspectives on how they see nature. What prevails and falls in these scenes show what these amazing artist can accomplish in their work.

This painting depicts the long range of forestry, with Mt. Kosciusko in the far distance. Showing a far range of perspective and beauty of nature. The detail put into this piece shows how you can see the distance in the piece.
Eugéne depicted this Lake with great detail and depth. The texture of the water and the reflection of the mountains in the water is incredible. This piece falls perfectly in my theme for nature, as the level of detail in the picture showing the vast beauty of a large landscape.
Something I love about nature paintings is that sometimes they do not have a deeper meaning and are just admiring nature. This is exactly what this piece is and the depth you see in the path and the soft texture of the greenery really makes this painting.
In this painting you can really feel the bright autumn feel with all of the reds, oranges, and greens in all of the trees and grass. The showing of a village being surrounded by vast amounts of beautiful nature in this is outstanding.
The detail in nature in the mountains and the texture of the sand is so fine you can actually feel like you are looking at a photo. This painting does a great job in my opinion of just admiring the beauty of nature without needing to have a deeper meaning than it already is.
The scenery and trees really overtake what is actually happening in this image. I feel that nature overrules what even is happening, showing the large scale of the trees, while there are people that we can barely even notice below then.
The large stone in this picture depicts to me that comparing to the chair of something man made that there is so much more to life than what we create. Showing the scale of nature and all of the beauty it holds with the textures in the stone and smoothness in the sand.
The temple ruins surrounded by the mass amount of greenery really overtakes the people in the image with the mass scale and detail into the background. The image really fits into my theme of nature because of how nature overrules the image in what is most focused on.
This painting depicts where a small fountain area that is overgrown with greenery is the main focus. While in the background there is a large landscape of trees and mountains that catches the viewers eyes with is natural beauty. The level of detail in nature in this image is incredible.
I feel that this painting can have some really deep meaning comparing the two chairs as maybe two lovers by the seaside where there is a whole world out there in front of them to explore. It is a feeling I get when I see this but there are so many deep feelings you can receive from it where nature is the largest factor in it.
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