Gallery for discussion 6.2

I always enjoy different depictions of Venus. This struck me as a particularly clever, unusual take. I think the pixelation technique is a great idea to describe the fuzziness of a dream.
This one hit me the moment I saw it. I find there's something enjoyably primitive about being struck by something big, bright, and colorful like this.
I find these kind of paintings incredibly soothing to sit and look at. They're so skillfully made that I can immerse myself into their world.
I love several things about East Asian art like this - the style of the art itself, the language, the culture, and everything it evokes in my mind.
I found there to be something rather brave in creating this one. I chose this just for the fact that it was painted at all!
Another gorgeous world into which I can immerse myself.
It was the title that grabbed my attention with this one. It seemed like a really good profane-and-sacred combination to me. The detail and composition are also beautiful, I think.
This one's by an English painter and of an English scene, so the nostalgia value is high for me!
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