Explore the Wildlife

This exhibition explores the artworks and sculptures of animals in their habitat and animals from all different cultures. This exhibition contains animals from all around the world and puts them together to show that yet they are all different they still blend together like a family. Some of these are traditional artworks and sculptures. From some the techniques used show that they are traditional artworks and do have a story behind them that explores their life or maybe for the artist a past experience with the animal which can show fear or maybe happiness with that certain animal. The relationships between my 4 chosen artworks are that they all belong to a certain frame but they relate to the same theme which is about animals. Most of these artworks in the exhibition are plain artworks with the animals together in the wild, but what makes them so special is the detail the artist has used to show off specific elements of the animals, as well as the colour that is used which shows a lot of detail whether it is in full colour or in black and white. 

This work evidences the Cultural Frame
This work evidences the Structural Frame
This work evidences the Post Modern Frame
This work evidences the Subjective Frame