The theme of this gallery as you will explore is THE SEA AND THE FOREST. This is basically a collection of artworks that represents the sea and the forest for example different seas and forests in different places. There is a range of artworks that have organic and different concentration elements and more elements. You will discover in the gallery that the Forest artworks tell a story as well as the artworks of the sea. Each theme the sea or the forest tells a different story. Each artwork has different elements such as tone like muted or dramatic, texture like rough or smooth, lines like bold, thick or thin, shapes, movement like flowing or swirling, scale like large or small, contrast and color. This theme is about nature so the artworks are going to be really earthy and the colors are earthy as well and not all of the artworks are dull and not happy and joyful, as mentioned above both themes tell different story and the colors will vary from being bold and dark to light and happy. All artworks go with the theme which is mentioned above the sea and the forest.  Artworks will also be cultural, post-modern, structural and subjective; frames. Each artwork will tell a story which leads to another story. For example the sea theme the entire artworks match to complete the story so does all the forest artworks tell a story. Enjoy the gallery and enjoy the theme of nature, the sea and the forest.

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Postmodern Frame: This is an instillation artwork, it's a fake tree branch but it's there to remind us of the forest, the forest has a lot of tree branches so that sculpture reminds us about the forest Sculpture of a branch
Structural Frame: This painting has many effective elements, Such as the tone color of the painting it's very detailed such as muted and dramatic. There are thick and thin lines and the painting is drawn in a simple and delicate way.
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Subjective Frame: I like this artwork because it is so earthy and dramatic also it's very organic. This artwork texture is uneven because some parts are smooth but some are rough.
Cultural Frame: This artwork shows history for example colonisation. in this artwork we can see the land which is not taken care of and the trees are broken also the colors are earthy and bold which makes us feel in the olden days