realistic renaissance

By Cole Oberlander, Dakota Marquez, and Jeffrey Lu

This picture represents the Renaissance because the woman looks realistic. Her facial features look authentic, like a real person.
This picture features some random people who are fishing at a river. The water, people, and birds look legitimate.
This is a statue of a man who looks triumphant. It seems like he was victorious in a battle against the man under him.
In this picture, a saint is being punished by some unearthly creatures. This is probably happening because he is disobeying the church.
This carved picture features a woman feeding a baby, presumably one of her children. The bodily features on the people look realistic.
In this picture, a saint is slaying a dragon, presumably to protect his village. The distinct background reveals a forest and a city.
This shows one of Michelangelo's famous sculptures. It shows a man sitting on his throne.
This shows one of Leonardo da Vinci's many works of art. It features a group of people eating a meal, supposedly their last.
This painting shows a young boy who is a cardinal. He wears dark red clothes and has realistic features.
This drawing shows two extended arms. They are possibly being tortured for a crime.
Credits: All media
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