Still Life 

Lacie Thomas- I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. 

This still life is of flowers. The use of color in this painting is very important, there is only color on the fruits and flowers, which are the main focus, the rest of the painting is in a very dark color. The use of value here creates the 3-D effect on the subjects, making them more lifelike. The use of texture here also increase the realism and makes the flowers look more believable.
This is a painting of a still-life. It i abstract and is therefore different form the other more realistic approaches. In this painting there isn't much use of color, it is dull and not very moving. The use of the line create the objects and shapes and forms. The is also a slight use of value to create depth.
This still life is a painting, and includes many elements of art. It has color, as shown in the bright background and contrasting floor colors. There are also lines in this artwork that create the table, banjo, and the other objects. Space is used in this piece at the top above the table to create a sort of calm feeling. There is also value on the table and banjo to create a 3-D effect.
This artwork, while looking very realistic like a photo, is actually a painting. This painting uses value to create 3-D looking objects. It also uses color to tell what the objects are--purple for the grape juice, brown and yellow for the toast. The artist uses lines to create the shapes and eventually forms in this work.
This is a still-life painting of fruits, a usual topic. The use of value in this work creates the 3 dimensions and makes the painting look lifelike. There are also lots of colors in this painting, which are realistic and mirror the actual colors of the fruit. Lines in this work were used to create shapes, and then forms. Texture is present in the folds of the cloth and the surface of the fruits.
Credits: All media
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