The Uncrowned king - vincent myers

This gallery includes images of Jesus depicted in various forms of art mediums, such as paintings, sculptures, and others.

This painting portrays Christ's betrayal. An excellent use of color is seen here as the light emitting from the lantern creates bright reds and blues fading into darker shades of themselves. Along with that, space is created as well as the shadows add depth to the trees. Plenty of movement can be seen throughout this painting with the movement of the lines in the clothing on the people. Also, the people are very proportionate with each other in size and detail.
Here we see Jesus in the temple teaching. In this painting we can see all kinds of balance and proportion. There seems to be an equal amount of people on either side of the stairs that reside in the middle of the painting above all else. We can see the proportions of the people are very similar to each other as they get smaller the further they are away. The balcony in the background creates plenty of space and depth in the painting along with the use of forms in its detail.
In this painting we can see Jesus in the temple. This painting does a great job of creating the illusion of space with its use of forms and light that give the temple depth. A pattern is used here to signify followers of Christ with a yellow/gold circle painted around their heads. The clothes seem to flow and have a sense of texture due to the use of lines used in them.
Here we see Christ in the Realm of the Dead. This painting uses a few patterns to recognize key points of focus such as, the dead are all grey/black with hands reaching up and despair on their faces and the two yellow/gold circles painted around the saved person and Christ. Lines are used to show the rays of light shining down on the fallen and are painted thick to show a sense of strength. Texture on Christ's clothes is created with the use of light and dark along with lines flowing throughout.
This painting depicts Jesus in the arms of Mary after his crucifixion. In this painting we can see texture in the cloth that Mary is holding Jesus with by the use of definitive lines and shadowing. The two main figures in the painting are very proportionate to one another and are the main emphasis of this painting.
We can see Jesus crucified on the cross in this sculpture as he is the main emphasis of this piece. The use of the colors gold and black create a nice contrast, but the bronze figure in the middle really draws the attention of the eye and creates some variety. The use of forms to create the symmetry and the detail to create some texture really makes you focus on the piece as a whole.
In this piece we can see Jesus as a child in the bottom and then his crucifixion at the top. This painting has a unique boarder around it that has texture and creates a sense of space and depth. Again, we can see a pattern here as the yellow/gold circles are painted around Mary and Jesus's heads.
This sculpture depicts the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus. A pattern can be seen here as each individual piece has the same style shapes and forms at the top. Texture can be seen all throughout the piece in the peoples' clothes. This piece also contains plenty of variety as each square depicts a specific time to tell a story.
In this painting we can see a woman washing the feet of Christ to wash away her sins. Bright colors, like the red and blue, are used to draw attention to the woman and Jesus. The use of light and dark to create shadows on the cloth gives the sense of texture and detail.
Here in this painting we can see the baptism of Christ. The use of proportionate people creates a nice balance as they are the main emphasis of the painting. The use of lines in the clothing creates nice texture and detail. The use of white on Jesus' cloth draws attention to him first rather than the red and blue colors of the other people.