Photographing the unphotographable

This gallery features surrealist and creepy photography. I find surrealist art fascinating. Seeing something visually striking that can't physically exist in our world is already extremely interesting. Adding in the element of photography increases the intrigue. Surrealist photography is set apart from surreal art done in other mediums by being a more real representation of an idea than a painting or drawing can be. The idea of photographing images that have a strange other worldly feel is what inspires this gallery.

This picture has an otherworldly vibe about it. This squid coming out of the woman's mouth is disturbing. It doesn't look like she is eating the squid by more like it is crawling out from inside her.
This photograph has a truly creepy vibe. Just the forward facing mask would be creepy enough, but added to it is the tall pointed head dress which makes the person far more menacing when paired with their body language. The second mask off to the side is what pushes the picture to be memorable.
This image is without a doubt unnerving. A baby wrapped and placed in a casket is the center of this shot. The photo is more than a little bit macabre.
A corpse lying on the street is a striking enough image as it is. The fact that there are no people in the image and that the body seems to have been lying there for quite a long time adds to the image.
The figure's near silhouette form mix with the sticks they are carrying to create an inhuman look. With the addition of the birds the image is given a chaotic feeling.
The dead carcasses of multiple goats make this image immediately macabre. The clustered arrangement and the blood present at the scene make it darker. The final element of the picture is the woman on the ground among the carcasses with her head cut off by the edge of the frame.
Laid out fish on their own wouldn't make a very striking image, it's the quantity and crowded arrangement that makes the image stand out. The hand reaching into the composition adds an interesting piece as well.
The chaotic nature of the fleeing birds would make a compelling enough image. Seeing that the chaos is caused by an out of control bull is interesting and the empty space left from the bulls charge offsets the chaos.
The sky is almost blotted out by the amount of birds. This picture is also very directional with the birds appearing to be flying out of the tree in all directions.
The composition of this image is strange to say the least. The baby in the picture already looks off, almost angry. The overlaid animal picture gives it a surreal look.
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