Balance in Nature

By Brianna Reynolds

I love how the artist captures the viewers eye with the detailed black and whites texture on the zebra. Its very monsterous and untamed not like the calm zebra to the right.
This photo is very interesting because of its overall composition. From the medium at hand, Lee acheived such realism by shading opposite than normal with a color pencil.
I love how you don't even need to see this women's face to know what shes feeling. Lee's shading perfectly captures the mood from her body language.
I can't really tell what medium is being used but this piece makes me feel uncomfortable. The pattern of the balls and obscure yellow color makes it feel mysterious.
In this illustration, Ludwig captures the most detailed aspects of a lobster. His soft tones make it seem like you would find this image in a thesaurus.
Artur's abstract man made object, represents loneliness, being lost and forgotten. You can't point out exactly what it is but through shape and texture, you know its not organic.
Franz's impressionistic soft strokes give off a sense of calmness and beauty to the scenery. I really like how you can sense realism without all the detail.
Through the decorative design of flowers, Choi exemplifies the silhouette of a lunging horse. I love the idea around how nature is creating nature.
Again, this surrealistic piece gives a sense of being lost by resembling nature taking over a man made object. Other than the last piece, Kim gives a more realistic approach and uses more symbols.
I love how the artist leaves you guessing with a texture that is not explained. it gives it multiple meanings through the viewers eye. To me thought of pine needles in the winter time.
I not only love the fact that this piece is in a corner perspective but that it doesn't feel done as well. I feel as if this is exceptional from its line quality and color focus.
This piece feel unfinished again just like the last I commented on but exceptlifies texture through the line quality. Very beautiful work.
Even though this piece of artwork has that same texture throughout the entire piece, the artist is still able to differentiate the difference between objects.
Through soft strokes, this piece of artwork; probably found in a book, gives off a realistic look by the movement in the fur.
Probably found in a Theasarus, this illustration of a fish shows a lot highly realistic detail. Among the scales of its body, Arthur work is something that I envy.
Credits: All media
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