I'm Blue Gavin Fischer

This is a gallery of John Gavin Fischer's little collection of art that has people with blue skin. 

This painting shows how in old times, those who were pale of skin were revered because that was a common sign of not being of working class. This piece gives a good representation of how a pale bluish color was used in painting to convey this extreme pale skin.
This is a simple vase, and considering the entire vase is blue, then the girl's skin is also blue.
I added this painting because although some aspects are different, this painting looks quite like the subject matar of another painting, both with red headed folk with bluish pale skin.
In this painting, the uses of blue in the female's face is to emphasize 1: That she is born of a higher class, 2: that she is wearing make up. The blue also has a slight green tint to it to fit in with the scenery.
In the painting, Breakfast, it appears that the people are being lit by early morning light coming through the window, which explains the blue lighting. Also, with the lighting used, the air seems fold and frigide emotionally, maybe this shows a bad relationship where people are cold and brutal to each other. 
This picture uses reds to draw out the brighter, warmer parts of the woman's body, while the blue is used to pull out the darker, duller parts of the picture.
In this painting, the blue that is used must resemble the cold harsh blues of dead.
In this picture, Venus has bluish skin in order to depict herself as a beautiful (at the time) pale person, then she is seen with the most of beauty.
In Bloodline, the two people in the family look blue-grey, which is because the faces and what is on the outside does not matter, what matters is the inside. The red tie represents a healthy heart towards family.
This picture is of a red-headed girl holding a man who seems to have a bluish tint to his skin. This is to make the man look dead, because he is a vampire.
In this picture, the blues in the woman's skin seems to represent death, but this death seems on the inside, because the eyes are blacked out corpselike. This maybe is saying that on the inside, this girl has given up hope.
In the Salome painting, the blue lady represents the night and all of the night's wonders and beauties. This woman is seen as an avatar of the night, and so she is paiinted like the dark blues of the night sky.
In this painting, the dancer has a bluish tint to her face in order to show make up, also how the blue's and greens contrast so heavily with the oranges and reads in her dress.
This picture has quite a bit of blue in it, but it seems that the blue in her skin tone is actually make up (to make her look more noble)
The simplicity of this tile is that the original tile is the skin color of the man (a blueish color), and because after that there were bright colored blues and reds in order to contrast each other and catch attention.
In this picture, the nudes under the Trees are relaxing with blue highlights in the picture. this seems to be a nice, soft, rounded experience, with the calming blues as highlights rather than a different skin color.