China's culture

By: Alex Stambaugh

The Great Wall of China is a major tourist attraction and is something China is famous for.
I chose this picture to represent China's culture because there are many buddhism is a major religion in this area.
This is pottery of ancient ancestors in this region from a long long long time ago.
This a jar from another ancient civilization. This jar is special because it is believed to be the coffin of a special person because bones were found inside it and it was colored and painted unlike any others found.
This is a Chinese Woman's Jacket form the 1900s i thought it was cool because it shows us what they dress like.
I thought this was cool because its an axe head form a long time ago.
This is another artifact form ancient china.
I chose this to represent China's culture because it shows what people dressed like in ancient china.
This represents Chinese culture because it shows how detailed they get with their artwork.
I thought this was another good representation of some of their artwork and it is ceremonial.
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