The color Blue and it's ability to create and emphasis sadness in art

This artwork demonstrates the sadness and eeriness that the color blue creates in a painting. The artist seems to know it as well, painting a graveyard in different shades of the color.
This painting of a weary man is highlighted with blue to accentuate the overall feeling of poverty.
This painting by Alma Thomas creates a chaotic yet almost sad quality using mainly the color blue. Had the artist used a different color, like say red, the painting would've had a far angrier quality.
The blues in this painting mimic almost a spiral of depression, like the object is curling in on itself from the darker blues that outline the painting.
To finish his piece that depicts a soldier returning to life after the war, the artist uses blue in this other wise black and white drawing to emphasis the feeling of sadness in the home.
Using cool colors like blue and green, the artist depicts a solemn mood during an operation and a presumably very injured person.
By using blues and greens the artist was able to make it seem like this ethereal horse came from a very sad place.
Kang recreates Vincent Van Gogh in blue, it's lighter colors, especially around his eyes, show a feeling of eeriness and creates an almost depressed feeling from the viewer.
The blue background shows that despite trying to put a smile on their face, the person in the picture is still very sad.
The blues in the storm create an overbearing feeling, and a sense of fear as shown through the horse.
By using blue in the leaves the artist created the appearance of the flowers not being alive, as opposed to how they would look with bright warm colors.
This painting shows a feeling of fear right before a big performance, while waiting backstage. The highlights of blue dampen the mood to enhance this effect.
It seems that the feeling at this table is very solemn and sullen because of the highlights of blue around the scene.
By using blue in the background it showcases the desperate feeling of this piece, as a woman is "reborn" to a new futures.
This artist draws a peasant in shades of blue to make note of the poverty the peasant must feel and emphasis it.