Dark or Ominous black & white

This is a gallery of black and white artworks that can look Eerie, dark, or even just 

This artwork is really interesting on how they use implied shapes to make a horse. Also, the black and white gives it a creepy vibe.
This painting is disturbing and I love it! It has a death kind of vibe and also it has gore but all in black and white which is what appeals to me the most.
In this artwork you can see a swamp tree in black and white and it looks really good. But as you look deeper you can clearly see a women's body posing as the tree.
I really like this one because of the sense of loneliness and solitude and how dark it seem. She is alone in a corner and the scene is really sad.
I enjoy this one because how real it looks. Its in black and white but you can see very detailed parts and I really like it.
This feels like some surreal or abstract art but it also looks geometric and it looks sharp but strange. I really like the different density of the lines.
This is a dream-like artwork and it looks really amazing. Its like being on drugs and its so strange and weird that it makes me want to look more.
I really like medieval weapons so this artwork really drew me in. The attention to detail and the way his left eye is closed just mesmerizes me.
Im not sure what this is but it looks really dark and dreary and I really like it. Theres smudges and stains and its creepy.
This looks like a creepy demon lion (Feline) and it looks amazing. It looks creepy and strange and I really like it. Weird art is always the best.
The tittle really makes me think. I can only imagine creepy scary entities at the gate charging at people. These weird creatures are really cool.
There are multiple different animals and the black and white looks really nice. The tendrils look creepy and its interesting.
This looks really creepy and its like a sad women with gargoyle wings and bat legs and a donkey tail. Its really creepy and well made and it draws me in.
Im not sure if these are dogs or something else but the creepy vase and the animal head coming otu of it looks really cool. I enjoy this one.
This is another one about horses but it reminds me of famine from the 4 horses. Its creepy and the horses look like demons.
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