Unique objects from the byzantine era art gallery

During this time, there was much growth in the culture of the Byzantine Empire. To this day, much of the artwork has been preserved to tell the story of  what it was like from 330-1453 A.D. These different objects from my gallery should give a depiction of its remarkable culture.

This is a very creepy vase that reminded me of Medusa's head when I first saw it. It is amazing how much intricate detail went into this creation. I would definitely want a vase sculpted after me.
This is a very elegant vase that makes me want to cry every time I stare at it. The gold trimming was a very popular artistic style during this time.
I love how visible the color blue is on this vase because it lets the other colors stand out. The colors of white and blue contrast each other very nicely in this piece.
This is the most beautiful bucket I have seen. It amazes me how much work went into an average object like a bucket. It seems like they used this for special occasions. I'm not worthy to use it.
It looks like there are snakes coming out of this vase. This is my favorite vase in my gallery because it looks so simple, but beautifully crafted at the same time.
I do not know what this was used for, but it looks very interesting. I am going to guess that this might have been used for storing a dead person's ashes. It is very beautiful, in a creepy way.
I love the shape of this flask and the color of it. It reminds me of a big tear drop for some reason. I want to cry every time I look at it.
The first time I saw this plate, it reminded me of the outline of the sun. So much work that went into a bowl amazes me. Art truly can be considered anything if it amazes and inspires you.
This is a really cute chalice. The word "cute" truly describes it, in my opinion. I like that it is short and stout with an interesting texture to it.
This object could be in a "Game of Thrones" episode, which is the first thing that came to my mind. I admire how the peacocks are holding up this censer. You would usually see lions in that pose.
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