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I chose this piece because I really love the color combination. Not only does it contain my favorite color palette but I also love how it’s set up in an ombre pattern. I would actually consider using this palette in my home. I also really like the clean lines here, it’s all lined up nicely and just kinda calms the OCD inside me!
At first I selected this cloth just because I liked the pattern and detail that I saw from afar. However, once I got to really zoom in on it I realized it held a few more surprises then I expected. If you zoom in real close to the corners there is text stating information about America's agriculture and independence then concludes with the date July 4th, 1825. Around the edges you will find the cloth is lined with the presidential seal.
Once again, I chose this picture because I like the consistent rows and color flow. OCD again? Probably! But the nice consist pattern draws my attention. I also think that my inner child drew me to select this one. Does this bring back any childhood memories for anyone else? All I can see when I look at this piece is the candy dots that came lined on a sheet of paper? They tasted just awful, but what did us as kids care, they will FULL of sugar.
Within the first few seconds of looking at this piece my eyes automatically started wondering around it. My eyes continually followed the white lines into the black lines trying to understand the flow. After staring at it for quite a few minutes it finally came to me, and I understood the pattern inside. I liked that this one made me think, and take the time to understand what the artist created.
This piece is a little confusing to me, it is definitely a little abstract and trying to figure out exactly what the subject matter is seems to be difficult for me. But in my opinion it appears to be a man and women, determined from the blue and pink colors, facing away from the audience. They are embracing each other and facing into the distance, determined from what appears to be their back and feet laying beneath them.
What a unique tree! How does this even happen? Was the main tree and the surrounding trees planted to create this as a piece of artwork by a specific artist? Or was it a triumph of Mother Nature? It reminds me a lot of the trees that we see here on the creeks where the water has washed out all the sand from underneath and all that’s left is roots holding the trees feet in the air. Either way, I love unique glimpse of nature and this sure is one!
Every part of this painting is peaceful. The scene, a beautiful sunny day looking up at the lighthouse and living home. The colors are calming, not to dark and light enough to be bright but soothing. I can almost feel like I am there, on the dunes looking up at this place. Feeling the sun on my shoulders and the breeze in my hair, and I cannot forgot the smell of that salty sea air.
New York in the early 1900's always peaks my interest. It is astonishing to me how much the City has changed over the last 115 years. The first thing I notice about this painting is the colors, they are darker and the strokes are thick and a little messy, just my opinion. But as I inspect it more I start to notice the details and the scene- Central park where mothers have their children out to play. Horse carriages on their way somewhere; people, enjoying the moment. Today this same scene would contain people walking while staring at their cells phones just letting life pass them by.
I like this statue because it reminds me that real women do not look like they do in magazines. There is such a pressure on women to be skinny or muscular. But images like this remind me that it’s about being healthy and happy. Not perfecting yourself for others but doing what makes you, you.
I love the detail in this statue, if we look closely we can see the lines in her dress that flow down to the bottom. The dress actually looks like it’s in motion, like she is moving right there in front of me. Her face is unmistakably ecstatic. I am sure she is having a blast skating, maybe for the first time!
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