Collection of Dark Art History  "Russell Patterson"

For centuries artist have been at the forefront of cultural shifts and have challenged authority. Some art will shock you at first but, the same art has become part of social and art history. In this collection I would like to share with you dark and controversial pieces from the 15th century through the 20th century.

A dying man seems to be torn between salvation and his avarice. At the foot of the bed is the man at a younger age. Death is at the door, a demon with a bag of gold and a angel above him. The man is the focal point in this painting.
In this painting it depicts Judith a biblical figure holding the severed head of Holofernes. In this painting the artist has used a contrast of light and dark throughout the painting.
In this painting it depicts the killing of on the male children in the vicinity of Bethlehem by Herold the great King of all the Jews. The artist has created a space that is realistic.
Depicted in this painting is an Roman Cupid wearing eagle wings either climbing down or sitting on a table. The artist has created a since if unity between all the things in this painting
In this painting by Sebastiano Ricci you see Perseus shoving the head of Medusa at Phineus and his men. The proportion of the columns in this painting show a sense depth.
In this painting it depicts a woman sleeping at the contents of her dream. The coloration is set against darker reds, and yellows of the background. There is also an effect from light to darker shades.
This painting was inspired by a short scene from the Inferno. Set in eighth circle of hell. Where Dante with Virgil watches a fight between two damned souls. The artist has created dynamic illusion of movement.
This Painting by Gustave Moreau tells a story of Hercules feeding King Diomedes body to flesh-eating horses. Gustave fascination with violent, emotionally charge subjects portrayed in jewel-like colors was typical in 1800s French paintings.
Depicted is this painting is Dr. Samuel D. Gross performing a conservative operation as opposed to an amputation. What the artist has created is a three-dimensional space.
This painting shows model Victorine Meurent, her maid and a black cat at the foot of her bed. Olympia is identifying as a prostitute. Her maid is giving her flowers from a client. The black cat traditionally symbolized prostitution.The artist has created a sense of symmetry in the painting
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