Where's the safety?

The most important aspect in the life of civilians is safety. Each day, you must feel safe in your home, and you must feel safe in every aspect of your life in order to maintain a sense of mental stability. The one thing that was emphasized as missing in both "Red Harvest" and "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" was indeed the lack of safety. On the one hand, creating a city without enforced regulations that improve safety is a serious offense. Whereas having a city that does is not portrayed to be safe, is another. Safety is an important aspect of a well functioning city, whether theoretical or real.

Many of times you feel safe when around any aspect or part of the police force. That is not the case in "Red Harvest." The police or law-enforcing system was also closely involved in the murders, therefore revoking the feeling of safety. After the shooting, Mrs. Willsson describes the only thing she saw at the scene; “The last I saw of it was its police department license plate vanishing around a corner.” (Hammett, 56)
Located within the chapter entitled, "The Uses of Sidewalks: Safety", Jacobs promotes the use of sidewalks due to their help in creating a feeling of safety for each person that walks on them. “When people say that a city, or part of it, is dangerous or is a jungle what they mean primarily is that they do not feel safe on the sidewalks.” (Jacobs, 30)
Presidents instill a sense of safety that is unlike any other. In the same way, men create a feeling of safety for women. Dinah was protected by Hammett during "Red Harvest" which showed the power of the male gender on instilling a form of safety in women.
This painting tells its own story; one that does not include being safe. No matter what happened to get this town to this point, it is guaranteed that during this time, civilians did not feel safe in their homes.
The concept of family in "Red Harvest" was not clearly represented. But, the closeness of all the characters gave off the same feeling, that a form of family existed within the town. As a family, each person feels safe with the other members. In "Red Harvest," this was not the case. Each character had to fend for themselves and was worried about the others that they could have been considered to have 'familial ties' to. Family is a very important aspect of the overall feeling of safety.
There is one place many people feel safe and that would be a church or any other place of worship. They instill order and relaxation to whomever wishes to participate and therefore is one of the places religious people run to in the time of need.
When you have a certain city or town that has an extremely high crime rate, chaos is sometimes the ending activity. As seen in "Red Harvest," the murder rate was raising quickly and many people became frantic from the news of each one. It is highly possible that if the town would have continued on the same streak, riots and chaos would have been possible. But the most important factor is that chaos does not happen until the sense of safety has been revoked from each individual participating. “Everybody’s killing everybody. When’s it going to end?” (Hammett, 143)
“Street Gangs do their street fighting predominately in parks and playgrounds.” (Jacobs, 76) This quote from "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" simply portrays that parks destroy safety in areas of a town that could have been used for recreational purposes.
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