Color in emotion

By: Parker Sammons

I chose this because of the vibrant red that consumes the painting. It gives the emotion of love but also betrayal. A perfect life disrupted by an outside force.
I chose this because of the contrast between red and brown. It tells me that behind the bitter gritty outside of these hard working men there is a side of love and passion.
I chose this simply because of the style of clothing. The reds woven throughout to make him feel more friendly and approachable.
I chose this painting because of the many different colors. The differing emotions with every shape.
I chose this piece because of its order. It's orderly but at the same time it isn't. Its a wonder to look at and brings me joy and happiness.
I like the green in this work. To me its almost as if the woman on the left seated in green is envious of the woman on the right's beauty.
I chose this work because it reminds me of a Rubix cube. An unsolvable puzzle to the person who doesn't know the formula. That is what this painting is telling me.
I chose this because i recognized it well and because the various colors that make it up. It speaks to me saying that all these different colors, different emotions, combine to make of the life of this great man.
This painting tells me that the woman's hair is envious of her mobility and free will.
This painting i chose because it's beautiful. The girl is so calm. The painting because of the blues is so calm.
This was chosen because of its magnificent blue color. All of the chaos in the middle somehow still comes together to make a circle and that amazes me. It reminds me of life.
This was chosen because of its rich deep blue. It reminds me of the beginning of life. A new start.
The cold dark blues against the stark white really brings out the importance of this painting to me. It screams contrast of life.
This painting is interesting. the dark sad blue surrounding the bleeding man is amazing. It's beautiful.
I chose this because the flowers are surrounded by almost dark blackness but they still shine their beautiful vibrant color into the world.