7th grade research (James abbott McNeill Whistler)

James’s full name is James Abbott McNeill Whistler. He was born in Lowell Massachusetts on July 11th, 1834 and he died July 17th, 1903 in London England. He is an american artist known for his paintings of nocturnal London. Also, for his striking full-length portraits and for his brilliant etchings and lithographs. James did much to introduce modern French paintings into the city where he died London. When he was a boy his father was an  civil engineer in Russia so as a boy James spent some time in Russia. In 1855 he went to Paris to study painting (like all other artist he was fascinated by Paris) and then he soon adopted a bohemian way of art/way of painting. James’ parents were George Washington Whistler and his mom's name was Anna McNeill Whistler. James’ had one brother who was his only sibling his name, was William McNeill Whistler. James was an American-born but a British-Based artist. One famous signature for his paintings was in the shape of a stylized butterfly possessing a long stinger for a tail. His most famous painting was of his mother. Whistler influenced the art world and the broader culture of his time, with his artistic theories and his friendships with his leading artists and writers.Whistler's house today is a dedicated museum. James actually had 3 other siblings but they dies when they moved from lowell to connecticut, they died in an infancy. After this they moved to springfield Massachusetts where they constructed their mansion where James’ dedicated museum stands today. The Whistler Family lived in springfield Massachusetts until, they left the state in the late 1842. In the late 1842 the family moved from Springfield to St.Petersburg. James’ family figured out that James was a very lazy kid so they introduced him into drawing and painting to help him focus his attention.

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