Renaissance Art

By: Jenna Shin

1) I picked this piece of art because I thought that it looked like a leader and his followers who were listening to what he had to say about something important. 2) bodies looked active/moving. religious scene
1) I chose this picture because it reminded me of a person that lived in the Renaissance praying for better things or just to pray for religious reasons. 2) It's Renaissance art because it's portrays a religious subject and they looked three dimensional.
1) I like this painting because it's very detailed and can tell a story just by looking at it. 2) This is a part of the Renaissance art because it is three dimensional and it shows some people closer and some people further for realistic perspective.
1) I like this painting because it is a part of the person that I'm doing for Renaissance and I like how it's not big with a lot of things going on but at the same time has many details added to it. 2) This is a Renaissance painting because it is a religious painting, like most, and is showing 2 angels more front than the girl and her baby in the back.
Credits: All media
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