nyc Graffiti

My artwork exhibition consist of a variety of different elements of New York City graffiti. Graffiti in a sense has been the "shunned" art of society, while some find graffiti to be creative and expressive bodies of work, others find it to be socially and politically unacceptable. As I was searching through the gallery, New York's graffiti really captured my eye. Due to its consistent scenic and urban culture, New York city seems to be a place of diversity, hip-hop culture and creative expression.

In this piece of art I discovered a hip-hop icon, Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Wallace. Biggie was a New York native, and his music expressed his devoted love to his city.
This action shot is indicative of the art form of dance, break dancing, which is popular in the East coast. In the background, graffiti remains a consistent part of the street culture.
This graffiti's color palette of primarily dull colors (black,grey,white) indicates a sense of demise. The detailing of the bitten apple could be similar to the "forbidden" fruit.
This mural is the perfect example of graffiti as the "shunned" art. The white cover ups and the red words "ART MURDER" show the attempt to destroy the expression of graffiti art.
The bold lettering of this graffiti explicitly states the word "SIGNAL". This could potentially serve as a warning sign or a command to be aware. The color of this mural is also riveting and dominant.
In the center of this art work is a grey colored, underweight character with food utensils and condiments. This could potentially embody political/health issues such as world hunger or anorexia.
This one of my favorite selections because of the overall visual aesthetic and message. This mural has a cohesion of colors and highlights the culture of music within the African American community.
This piece is a memoir of someone who passed away. This shows just how graffiti art work can be therauptic to the painter and help a community commemorate the loss of a friend or family member.
Credits: All media
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