A Comparison of African American and Jewish civil Rights

This historical analysis and comparison  was completed by a student of American History utilizing resources available through the Google Cultural Institute (GCI) and other internet resources. The origin of the source if not from GCI is given in respective captions and additional details are available upon request.

Back then, white people thought they were the best and hated when others got in their way. Many African American people could not do the same things as the whites did.
African Americans got in trouble for just about anything that didn't please the white. One leader was Rosa Parks and she was arrested and charged for not giving up her seat on a bus to a white person.
One of the goals African Americans had was to end segregation. Blacks couldn't go to school or drink and go to the same bathroom as whites did. They hated when they had to share things with blacks.
Another goal of the African American Civil Rights movement was to bring the problem to the government so they could try and help us. One man that brought that aid was Martin Luther King Jr.
With persuading the government and the public, African Americans were given the same rights as whites due to the signing of the Voting Rights Act by President Lyndon B. Johnson.
As World War 2 broke out, Germany sought World Domination. By doing this, they wanted to dispose of all other races that were unworthy of the Germans. This made the "Holocaust".
During the Holocaust, Jews and other races of unworthiness were captured and placed in ghettos or concentration camps. In these ghettos and concentration camps, the Jews had one goal, survive!
To stay alive in these concentration camps, many people had to follow the German commands, like working, and stay out of the way of the Germans. It is said that 6,000,000 Jews died in the Holocaust.
One important man that helped save many Jews was a Secretary of Treasury that warned Jews that the Germans were coming to get them. He helped save lives, but was caught by German's in the process.
Another important man was not even on the continent of Europe, but was helping Jews in America. He gave many speeches about what was happening "Over There" and sent the Jews help by sending supplies.
With the help of the world, Germany was defeated and Jews were freed from the German's fury. As a result of the surrender of Germany, Jews can now live on freely from terror.
Both of these Civil Rights Movements are important and can be easily comparable. One way they are comparable is both groups joined forces to fight together for rights in America after World War 2.
Another way they are the same is that both groups had religious people in their parties. Jews had Rabbi's and African Americans had Priests or Ministers. Also, both groups had heavy losses of people.
Again, another way they are comparable is that both groups had to deal with the police and many civil rights activists got arrested throughout the movements.
Both groups got the public on their side by telling them to fight with them and that started riots and that was the messages that caused the activists to get what the wanted, civil rights.
Finally, both groups are comparable by getting many civil rights acts known to the public. One act was called the "Civil Rights Act of 1964". This act implied to all races were given rights to things.
In my opinion, I thought that the Jewish Civil Rights Movement had a bigger affect on the world than the African American movement. For one, way more Jews died in the Holocaust than blacks.
Another reason why they had a bigger impact on the world was that they never gave up on their rights, even if it meant death. Jews fought the Germans as best they could until help arrived.
Jews today have a less chance of racism toward them than blacks too. That is because they showed the world they could fight for whats right.
Finally, Jews had a better run because they got better rights and got them quicker than African Americans did back then. But, after they acquired their rights, they still helped other groups.
Thank You for listening on the similarities and differences between two civil rights movements. Hopefully this with get you to think about ending racism in the United States and throughout the World.
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