My perspective on art

In this art gallery I look at the perspective of the picture in the gallery.

The perspective on this picture is kind of boring. The vanishing point is right in the center of the painting. Other then that the painting is very beautiful.
The perspective on this picture is slightly better then the first picture because because the vanishing point isn't directly in the middle of the picture.
I chose this picture because its well known and has a bit of perspective but not much. Even so it is a beautifully classic picture.
This is an amazingly deep painting in rearms of perspective. It goes so far beck and you can still see so much detail.
I don't even know what to say about the perspective on this picture. It looks like someone rolled the earth around the sky.
The perspective on this one is done quite well as you can see full people all the way in the background.
The perspective on this one is just crazy I'm not ever sure what I'm looking at, it looks like a germ.
On this picture the perspective is more due to what the artist didn't paint. The white in the picture really brings out the depth of the mountains.
The detail on this picture is really amazing, how far the perspective goes makes the whole picture just look amazing.
The perspective on this one is really cool because you can see how it turns bit the vanishing point is on the bottom left but it looks like it goes around the corner.
the perspective on this picture looks cool because the pillars make it kind of look like a spider.
This picture looks amazing in my opinion mostly because of how the picture seems too be fading away. Its like its just a memory and its fading as time passes.
This picture is really plane but it the road down the middle adds to it to show the perspective.
The depth and detail of this picture is amazing.
The depth of this picture looks really great. The way the perspective of the hall really shows just how big the room is.