gallery or lines: shariya crim

in this art there is no color no lines and the dots are very small
the drawing the person who did the drawing used a peincle to draw and the the line of the drawing is thin and small he was just doing scrible scable and mad a drawing of a man that look sad
in this painting there is a older man painting on the wall with a different type of colors and sizes and the lines of the shapes are thin thick
the kani mdaw the wall of chinia and with little people with no bodys just heads
giovanni he or she made a 3-D drawing with a young girl with lots of hair they used thin lines to make that art work
golbal made a paintting that with some one face massed up and it look like he took ut from a book or something
the drawing it look thomas wanted peaple to see how the muslmes was back then or how his home town looked or was made
in the art work it look like that person took a can and cut hole on the side of it and put play doh in it and let it sit out so it can get hard an want get massed up
the artice probably wanted people to know how or what he felt like and how he felt about his still of clothes or something
in this drawing andrey it look like he made a person with lost of hole in there face so it look he melted his face with some stuff
in this drawing estilo used cured lines and there is a little on the bear stomach
in this picture they is a looney toon charater in it his very thick lines that is being used
in this painting this person used thin lines how the lines are on the art work it look like all the artice did was just throw paint on there an probably just draw the lady face
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