So-real surrealism by Joseph Cruz

This theme is inspired by those who create works that invoke adoration and a curiosity that stretches beyond the artworks created. I am presenting surreal artistry in different mediums and styles in which the meanings can be figured, or they can be expanded upon as you look at each work and can pull new context with each glance.

In this sketch, which in English is translated as Woman in the Red Mirror, we have an abstract work that is clearly not visually a woman, so we are left with thought. The simple line work appears quickly drawn yet fairly smooth with nice contours. The colors appear to be transitional in some fashion and they give the form some depth. One characteristic noticed is what looks to be lashes draping down the curve on the left highlighting a womanly element. With these details, a picture begins to emerge that relates to the title and appeals to our theme of connecting the qualities within the artwork so real surrealism can take place.
This picture is called Fantasia, who appears to be drawn is dissected from the top to the bottom of the image. Body parts are spaced out in this drawing layered from the top starting with a calf and foot, and below is an eye with a clock, her bosoms as mountains, and within the landscape appears to be her curvy lips and possibly another eye crying tears into a river below. There is no straightforward figure here, again, but this time we do actually have parts of the woman to visualize and build our own analysis as to how we feel and think about this beautifully different composition.
Here we have a vivid and bright picture to gaze upon with its circular patterns and condensed color. Each section of the image is taken up with circles that are within circles each with their own individual design. These circles are abstract flowers and all bring a unique feel to the composition. The image is playful and child friendly and brings a bright appeal to a basic shape. So really, it is surreal- Does anyone want candy after looking at this?
This work evokes and almost demands a glance with its curvature alone, to see that possibly it is representative of a female body with the hour glass shape that outlines the "shoulders" to the "hips". At the visualized neck, there are flowers appearing where the head would "be". Within, the body is filled with a red liquid, perhaps symbolizing blood. This glass sculpture is encapsulated by a bullet shaped glass dressed in a golden design and base. This piece is titled 'Shocking' and has something about it that makes the viewer if not look, try to make sense of this sculpture. Surreal.
Here we have a visual that is almost straightforward. There are two men sitting adjacent from one another - "light" and "dark" - with a planet between them and what appears to be opposing forces, essentially deriving from one and the other. Detailed is light and darkness along with an all seeing eye and a sun of some sort at the very top. What can't be missed are the people leaving the head of the light man and into a door which leads to a possible other side. We then see the people - or maybe better referenced as souls - entering the head of the dark man. The design is actually simplistic yet engulfs a list of possibilities based on how the artwork is viewed. The space used along with the non literal, cartoonish perspective, detail the artists view and create a fun piece to look at.
This image is called 'The Philosophers'. There is a frame around this picture; a block frame. On the frame lies a lightbulb, not illuminated. In the background there is a line of nude philosophers tugging on a bent nail stuck in the block frame with what appears to be no luck. The perspectives within the picture show the lightbulb being in the foreground along with the frame and the men are seen in a distance, almost like looking into a tv. Tricks are played with the two perspectives interacting with each other with a display that proves to be surreal.
Here we have a sculpture that clearly shows two heads, kissing. It directly follows the title by showing the elements fire and water, craftily connected to the each head giving personality to each. The lower head is a female and she is the water element. She is shown with curvy waves for hair and her expression seems almost calm. The male represents fire and is found vertical kissing the lady. His hair which is fire flows upward like so. Their union shows symbolism between the two. This piece is dynamic and has good contrast. You can see the male's expression which is opposite of the woman and the kiss brings the two together. The contours and design bring a gifted feel to the table which to me is surreal, and touches upon our theme.
This building is created with a transparent case that reflects images that were taken to give it a rare effect. This piece seems almost holographic and is an interesting work to see because of the innovative approach to bring an image to life. The method used isn't common and shows interesting features within the depth of the visual. So really now, this is a surreal piece. The shapes used give a complimentary form to the images and reveals itself in a fascinating way.
This work speaks for itself and is expertly lined up with seemingly transparent images creating the illusion of movement and stillness at the same time. You can see the faces of the two idols pictured here clearly, in and out, depending on your gaze. Surrounding the bright image is a black background, darkness, being illuminated by the center only. This picture is intriguing to say the least and its simplicity speaks as loud as more detailed works. So really, it is to be included in the theme of surrealism.
This painting gives a similar perspective to the previous work which had a frame that was created, but this time there are two frames, in the shapes of silhouettes, shadowing on a plain white background giving the illusion if the frames being real. The scene on this inside of the two show a landscape dotted with happenings that follow the same perspective, giving way to space and depth. The closer you look, new random things reveal themselves about the painting and situations therein creating wonder and curiosity because at first look, there is nothing general about this picture. It appears as if there are subtle faces made with the clouds in conjunction with the shape of the silhouettes and their placement. This work is a great addition to the theme and leaves the mind with much to work with even after many, many views.
Credits: All media
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