Eye Candy - Ryan Babirad

The theme of this gallery is guitars, and covers common guitar designs, as well as artistic takes on the stringed instrument, from all kinds of time periods.

Shown here is one of the first guitar designs. This is taken from the Ming Dynasty Period, and uses seven strings as opposed to the more common six stringed guitar used today. You can see that there are no frets and visual appeal was not considered in it's creation.
This is Elvis Presley's acoustic guitar. It's a basic model that shows what most acoustic guitars look like today. The body and neck are made of wood and has a simple, yet aesthetic appeal. The sound it makes is the true beauty though.
This is the most popular model of an electric guitar in modern day. Gibson is the biggest name in guitar and Les Paul's are easily the most popular model. Also made of wood, its thinner and lighter than an acoustic, but has electronics inside that enable it to create loud sounds when plugged into an amp. The yellow body draws your eyes, and the simplicity is yet again beautiful.
This is an example of how guitars can vary in color and appeal to certain people. Personally, the red guitar draws my attention, but some may be drawn to a different guitar. You can see how different colors shine or give off a more relaxing feel.
This is a guitar with three necks. This shows the creative and unusual ideas that guitar creators come up with. A guitar with three necks opens up the possibility of many different sounds, and can create beautiful progressions.
This is a sculpture of a man with a guitar. Its composed of a block-like design, and showcases just enough detail to show that there is a man holding a guitar. It's amazing that with just a few details, like a hole and some lines, can create the image of a guitar.
This is a painting of a man holding a guitar. It shows how guitars were played originally, with the body sitting on the left thigh as opposed to the right. The color scheme and overall feel of the painting gives off a sort of dark or sad vibe.
This painting shows a guitar on a table. The guitar seems to be pieced together with multiple pieces of paper, and can be made out by blue colors. Staff paper is also incorporated into the papers that make up the guitar.
This is an oil painting of a woman playing the guitar. There is a mirrored image of her face, with the right half of the image giving contrast by being primarily blue. This is a connection that has long been made, that blue is a sad color and ties in to music.
This is a sculpture based off of a guitar. The artist is known for deconstructing objects and creating something new, as seen here. The beauty is in the reimagining of an object, to create something that still looks like a guitar, but serves a totally different purpose.
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