Art History

In this picture there is only one woman wearing blue, and there is a limited color scheme as well. My eye was naturally drawn right to her and she appears more calm and serene then the other people in the picture.
There is one man who is wearing a flowing blue robe and it tells me that he is most likely a holy figure of some sort sent to help. It draws your eye to him and is the only bright spot of color. 
This famous painting is based all on cool colors, the sky is the main source of colors and with the swirling patterns of light and dark blues it sucks you into a peacefully breezy night. 
There are faint hints of blue within this picture that made me look twice at it. The cooling tones are calming while helping to provide the image of a shaded sunny outing. 
This abstract piece mesmerized me with the bold colors and designs. The blues go into great contrast with the red, working to create a unique piece. 
This picture uses blue and other cool undertones in a slightly different way. This picture portrays a sullen faced little girl who, when paired with the cool colors, seems to be sad and inflicts the viewer with those feelings. 
I like the picture because instead of using black or other dark colors, there are hints of blue around edges of rocks and other places, it gives definition while at the same time not causing too much darkness or boldness of any one thing. 
Monet is one of my personal favorite artists. The water and everything else is a beautiful portrayal of what he wanted to show the viewers and he did it nicely without having the unrealistic blueness most painters use when painting water or the sky. 
This picture is mostly bland looking, and the only thing that set it off for me was the blue sky. I believe they did this on purpose for the contrasting look it gives as well as setting a nice vanishing point in the distance that makes the blue sky look massive. 
Like the picture before this, i believe the most obvious thing to point out is the contrast of blue against the desert. I don't believe that the sky did justice to the picture though in my opinion. The scene should have looked a little lighter, with the sky being free from clouds and all. 
The baby sticks out like a sore thumb to me in this thanks to the stark blueness of the baby carriage. The greenery surrounding it seems to simply blend in and be there, while the eye is automatically drawn to the sleeping baby. 
You are instantly drawn to the smart looking young boy standing there in his bright blue vest as he poses for his picture. This was more then likely on purpose, the artist wanted him to be the certain of attention by anyone who saw the work so tat's why he did it more then likely. 
The woman in the blue dress is the main subject of the painting and to me I feel like she was being a bit bold for wearing such a color. Not only that but to me she seems a little forlorn as well. it could be the use of dark and cool colors and also the blue contrasts with her orange hair. 
I really like this piece for some reason. The pool is pretty to gaze at, almost as though you could jump right into it. It takes up the entirety of the picture and is bright so your eye is instantly drawn to the magnitude of the entire thing,
This picture is dark save for the blue sky, the round black hole accentuates the blue sky and lets you see things a bit differently then the normal picture. 
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