Never-ending calm of the blues

At first glance that give you pleasure, but your second thought brings relief.

I personally feel conferable while standing in a graveyard; it gives my soul a calm peaceful feeling.
I like this piece due to the calm view of the city leading towards the bright blue sky.
This piece shows a beautiful combination of both nature and civilization.
I like this painting because you can get the feeling of the calm before the storm. The clam blue in the sky is being taken over by other emotional colors.
The lighting from the blue sky hits every boat along the the natural motions from the people makes the painting great.
It is as though a heavy wight has been lifted after the blue peaceful sky broke through.
This really realistic painting gives off the same relaxing feeling everyone get while they are fishing with their family.
The multiple different types of blue that are in this piece comes together to present a wonderful mixture of relief and thankfulness.
This peaceful scene brings out tranquility even thought a majority of the colors are darker than others.
Just by looking at the colors in this painting; it is easy to tell that the artist was creating this under a calm influence, and that he wanted to convey those thoughts towards his audience.
The calming blue rain bring peace to the village.
I feel as though I am watching the morning sky, a scene like this one takes some of the stress away.
The mixture of the blue and gray sky along with the tall trees, makes you think that you are taking an easy stroll in a forest.
I would love to walk into this dark yet subtle room just to sit in serenity.
Out of all of the paintings that I have seen while gathering art for this gallery, this one is one of my favorites. I like this painting because it holds countless images due to one's imagination.