Images from the 19th century, focusing on works from the movement of realism.

This image focuses on the flattening of space. Manet makes the painting look like it's not completely done in the back. It's compressed. The emphasis is on the forms. The foreground is about the painting itself. The woman looks as if she was just pasted on the painting, her size is not clearly emphasized.
Manet demonstrates the use of flattening of space in this work of art. The lady lying down is emphasized by the color used for her body. She isn't respresented very clear, though. Manet doesn't use emphasis on the size of her body. The woman standing in the background is so extremely dark that the viewer tends to lose focus on her. By cutting down the background, it causes the foreground to give off that flattened image look.
This work of art also demonstrates the flattening of space. The dull and compressed background give this two dimensional work of art that flat space look. The background looks like it was just thrown together.
Courbet uses the height and width of these two men wrestling to give that two dimensional look. He clearly emphasizes the muscles on the wrestlers body. By the two wrestlers being side by side, it gives off that flattened space look.
Courbet demonstrates the flattening of space in this painting. The background is compressed and the colors are dull. Manet does this on purpose to give that emphasis on the nude woman and the dog, creating that "flattened space" look.
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