harlem renaissance

When the Great Migration happened many African Americans moved to the North. For equality and no discrimination, when it happened many moved to the major cites for job opportunities. Many cites like Chicago, Boston, Kansas City, and the one with the most important was Harlem.

When all African Americans moved to Harlem it became a black community where blacks could live with no fear of discrimanation. This shows how blacks could talk to each other and tell secret with no fear
In Harlem, blacks could live their lives as they wished. They could go out and do anything with free will go anywhere with no discrimanation.
But not all African American moved to Harlem others moved to big cities to get jobs during the Industrail Revolution + WWI when man young white boys went to war therefore there were many jobs open for blacks
Since Harlem had become a black community, they were able to do anything. One major thing was religion there could teach religion they wanted and or go to curch for the first time
When they went to practice their religion they did it they wanted to. One thing they did very differently was music they song and played music differently and more upbeat.
African Americans played music in church that they made, then music was invented my other blacks and made their own gene called Jazz. Louis Armstrong was one of these people that cause Jazz to come to life.
Jazz was played in Harlem in clubs and the blacks had a blast dancing to it. The whites near by found out about Jazz and went to these clubs and got into Jazz as well. This music brought whites and blacks closer together.
Jazz let many black man shine in the light. But it wasn't all men some black women showed off there sing abilities or instrumental abilities. Allowing all blacks gain respect in some whites eyes.
When the whites found out about Jazz they enjoyed listing and dancing to it. But some whites wanted to dive more into Jazz and get closer to it. Some whites picked up an instrumental and started to play Jazz in clubs.
Overall all the things that had happened in Harlem brought the whites and blacks closer together. The Harlem Renaissances was one of the good things during WWI, everyone thinks of blacks history and thinks it all bad but Harlem showed that wasn't true.
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