I find it interesting that the majority of the space is yellow making the following colors on the left stand out more.
This painting reminds me of a Rorschach Test. You put into it your own thoughts.
This is interesting for many reasons, there is a lot going on and your attention is torn between the active blue lines and the subject behind them. Invokes a feeling of nostalgia, pride, or sadness.
This is interesting not only because of its palette, but also because of the amount of characters in the painting. It's a painting that you'll find many different things within each view.
I like this because the artist chose to compose something that most people would not see as interesting. Its value is the inspiration seen in ordinary things.
This is a dark painting that is hard to draw clear emotional understanding from. The color composition is beautiful and if you combine that with its uncertain message you get a sense of mystery.
I like this because horses are commonly painted, but these horses were not painted in a typical fashion. Notice the saddles that have no rider.
This is a beautiful still life that is painted very dark with imposed contrast. It provokes a sense of loss with a glimmer of hope and perhaps patience.
This painting is visually interesting. The skull is normally menacing, but in the way it has been painted, the skull has regained life.
Other than the amazing color-composition this painting evokes a sense of adventure or bravery in the unknown.
I like this painting because it seems to be a well done blend of color-composition and semi-cubism but with no immediate subject matter.
This painting is not only an amazing choice of color theory but the subject does not take up much of the painting's space. This combined with the color choices causes a sense of isolation.
I like this beach scene because it is not typical. The beach is not cluttered. The setting is not tropical. And the colors are not that vibrant. It is a mundane take on a normally loud setting.
So this is interesting because the woman is naked yet wearing a hat. We also have no idea where she is. This painting is almost dreamlike yet fitting.
Besides this painting's unique width it is also telling a story that is elaborate. Also, pay attention to the characters in the background.
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