Russian Revolution 1917

Adam L & Luke G

In March 1917, Nicholas II abdicated due to the success of the February revolution, ending the Tsar reign.
March 1917, the Duma became the provisional government with Alexander Kerensky becoming their leader.
April 1917, Lenin returned to Petrograd and delivered his April theses. Leading revolutionaries to support his work and ideas.
July,Sailors and workers revolt against the provisional government without the leadership of Lenin, causing the provisional government to kill the revolutionaries and causing Lenin to flee to Finland.
August 1917, General Kornilov made an attempt to seize power because Kerensky equipts Petrograd workers with weapons. This resulted in Kornilov's defeat and damaged the fight for revolution.
October 1917, Lenin returns to petrograd and meets with Bolshevik leaders, and plans the October revolution.
October 1917, Bolshevik troops attack the winter palace where the provisional government is. Kerensky flees the country and many ministers are either killed or arrested.
Bolsheviks take power and Lenin takes over as the leader of the Soviet Union.
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