Global Water

Global Water shows that water unites humans in all lands and across all time. Water has inspired art for centuries, yet it is such a simple compound of hydrogen and oxygen. Water is full of contrast. Water give us life, but can cause death. It is a source of pleasure and work. It can be serene or the scene of war. It can be a calm stream or a destructive tsunami. Water unites all humans across the globe.

Water gives us pleasure and allows people of all ages to frolic and soak.
Water is a source of warmth and comfort. Cassatt captures the tender moment when mother bathes her child. The water cleanses, comforts and protects her child.
Water is relaxing and peaceful. This watercolor from 1867 depicts African peoples resting and enjoying the water and beach-something we may only attribute as a modern pastime
Water is symbolic in dreams and brings forth life in the deserts of the Australian Outback
Water is used in religious themes as a source of life, as a means to cleanse
Water can be both serene and a source of turmoil or conflict.. This shows the doomed battleships of Pearl Harbor on the morning of 7 December 1941
Water contains energy and power. Water demands respect. It can bring life but also can take it in an instant.
Water is a way of life. It allows production of goods and improves our quality of life.
Water provides the means for commerce-allowing humans to spread across continents. Supplies could be shipped anywhere water flowed.
Water is precious. Saki means to draw us in and realize how humans don't think about how are activities affect the world and water surrounding us.
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