Jordan Miller's Gallery

Blue and the Emotions

This image is very relevant to my blue mood gallery. The man is wearing a blue cap. Using facial expressions our artist makes the man blue (sad) as well.
This image uses the contrast of the yellow and blue to evoke imagery and emotion in the viewer. Blue is in the lifeguard boards and the ocean as well, balancing the painting overall.
These bonnets are beautiful. I am from Texas, and the state flower is bluebonnets. Those are the flowers in this picture and they represent subtle beauty.
This abstract surreal sculpture is entirely blue. It is not a defined shape and in this image the blue represents the control of chaos, so we can wrap our heads around a crazy sculpture.
The contrast of the isolating white and the blue tones really give this painting a feeling of loneliness and purity, and cleanliness which is good for a plate. ( cuz u eat off of it )
This painting is almost entirely shades of blue. From the water to the lilies to the title, it is comprised of the deep meaningful color blue.
These abstract blue paintings are two shades, light blue and dark blue. The ability to make an entire work with contrasting shades of one color is very powerful and moving, and this artist did a great job.
The title of this is "A Blue Mood". This just goes to show that the color is a very effective tool for mood, and blue is typically a negative sad feeling. The character depicted is restricted and not free, which is why she is colored blue for a reason.
Lyndra by the Blue Pool, shows that not just is the pool that matters. That fact that it is blue means a lot, and she looks at it. It is reflective, deep, meaningful, as she ponders in her blue mood.
This young woman wears a blue outfit. Instead of any other color the artist chose blue, which displays how the woman feels. It contrasts with the blue and the red inn the image and shows the meaning of the color in the art.
Blue space is a recent work, also comprised of mostly blue tones. The circle represents continuity in the circle of life, and blue is the mood and tone of the overall feel.
Blue store window is a classic representing the class dynamic in the early 1930's. This is a classic store representing the times, it just happens to be painted blue, out of all the colors. It is welcoming and unthreatening to improve customer experience.
These characters are hiding behind blue columns displaying lack of courage, and fear. They are doubtful of their future, and the neon red represents strength, encompassing the whole picture in harmonious conflict.
Blue cafe shows no facial expressions, but the mood is set by the colors. Each character is slouched, and the lights are dim and harsh. It is not a pleasant time but it is a beautiful scene to look at.
A blue horse in a blue background, this beautiful abstract painting represents mysticality. The horse is real, and the background is real, but together they make a mythical scene with neon glowing tones and sadness.