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The Histories by Herodotus Do you ever feel like the standards of modern living limit your worldview? Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and our past is suffering at the hands of our future. Learning about world history can be a difficult task when Twitter and Facebook have so much to offer. Herodotus' short anecdotes about international cultures bring insight to everyday life—no matter how fictionalized they might be! INSIDE: -Learn new conversational anecdotes about human existence and interaction! -Study ancient government! -Examine pages and pages of antiquated names!
The Most Human Human by Brian Christian Every person with a conscious mind has pondered what it means to be human. It is an idea loaded with existential dread and fear, and understandably. There's no concrete human experience to base our lives on. The stress of existence can be a lot, which is why author Brian Christian decided to make it easy! With his book The Most Human Human, you will be able to: -Become the ideal human being -Learn to be the most personable in the room -Win the Most Human Human award in the Loebner prize competition
Utopia by Thomas More Our world is filled with flaws, and Thomas More knows that. He's created a simple handbook of rules to a perfect society! Covering everything from government, to housing; from jobs to religion—More covers it all! With this book you can learn to: -Follow the law and not fall into slavery -Layout the perfect Utopian city -Share wealth and resources with others
Select Readings of Frans de Waal
Working by Studs Terkel Wondering how you can relate to your job on a more personal level? How you can connect with your coworkers more or even how you can have a better life at home? Studs Terkel has created a compendium inspiring and motivating story about the American workplace. Even though these stories come from the 1970s, they represent the mindsets of Americans across time. INSIDE: -Separate your work life from your home life -Connect with your job on a personal level -Learn to love the workplace
A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft Seeking female enlightenment? Our feminism series is catered to you, no matter who you are! This installment in the series by famed women's rights activist Mary Wollstonecraft details her beliefs on the rights of women and responds to her critics all at once. INSIDE: -Gather the importance of an education -Lose your sensibility—it's for your benefit! -Respect and understand divisions of class among those in your life
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