Purposes and Functions of Art

These ceramic vases represent Art for Delight because of its fine elegance and beauty. The vases show great deal of detailed work from top to bottom. The artwork design is covered in angelic images and surrounded by pink flowers. It has two golden angels on the side of the vases to act as the handles. I also admire the use of color choices on the vases. The variety of pink feminine colors contrasts very well with the gold color to make it appeal valuable and yet very pretty to look at. It definitely looks like it was made for someone in the higher monarchy.
This is a sculpture made of thirty different types of Chinese cigarette packages in a Plexiglas. I chose this sculpture to represent Art as Commentary because of the overall message the artist is trying send to the public based on his personal experiences traveling to China. The Sculpture titled, “The New China” represent the dominant use of cigarette smoking in China in recent years based on the quantities and similarities in the designs in each pack. I can imagine that traveling to the major cities in China influenced him, and seeing how many smokers and cigarette packages he had seen throughout his travel.
I chose this sculpture to represent Art in Worship and Ritual because the center of the sculptures shows the image of the sun god that the native Aztecs used to worship and performed rituals. This famous sculpture of the Aztecs is made of Basalto de Olivino, which is a type of volcanic rock. The sculpture has been commonly mistaken as a calendar, but in fact it was used to represents the life and death of various eras in their history. The Aztecs used to practice human sacrifices during their worships and rituals for the sun god which makes this artwork very powerful and iconic piece.
This bronze medal was made in remembrance of Rosa Parks and her courageous actions. It is also a great example of Art for Commemoration. Although she is gone today, people can remember her and what she stood up for by this artwork. The medal has prints that states, “Mother of modern day civil rights movement” under her image, which perfectly justifies who she was in the best captions. On the backside of the coin shows a figure of a balance scale, which represents equality and justice. Rosa Parks is a historic figure and her actions will always be remembered in our history.
This oil on canvas painting is one of many self-portrait of Vincent van Gogh and it is a perfect example of Art as Self Expression. The artist sees himself as an artist and a serious painter through this artwork. This painting is different from his other self-portraits because he is holding a pallet of colors and he looks all prepared and ready to paint another masterpiece. I admire that he is able to express his mood by this painting without emphasizing on his facial expression. I also like his ability to stay true to his style of painting with the monochromatic color choices even on his own portrait.
I chose this sketch on poster from Russia to represent example of Art for Persuasion. The artist of this artwork is trying to portray that Russia can easily take revenge and seize Germany. The poster serves as an advertisement or perhaps recruiting purposes from the Russian government. The poster shows a giant red hand representing Russia with great power, grabbing a person by their throat whose image resembles Adolf Hitler with the Nazi symbol and uniform. The poster is trying to send a message to the general public for persuasion and revenge is the reason why Russia is trying to take military actions.
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