Love and War

The correlation between peace and struggle.      Created By: Ben Shaprio

This is a collage painting created with acrylic. Priase the war relates to my subject because I think it's a collage of things that remain after a wartime struggle.
This painting is one of WWII ship construction made in the late 1940's. The painting depicts iron workers making ship parts.
This painting is of a struggling Australian family in a rural area. It was made in 1941 during the hardship of WWII.
The Return from War is a painting of the Roman god Mars being seduced by Goddess Venus. Cupid is striking Mars with his arrow after he comes home from a battle. Venus and Mars are at the focal point
Mother's kiss is a piece about a mother's love. My theme of Love and War is to make the connection between the two. Here is a good example of both with a mother loving and fighting for her child.
Lord Help Me To Survive This Deadly Love is a symbolic painting depicting the two powers in Russia during the cold war. It represents stagnation.
Silver Wattle is a representation of peace in my eyes. it is a photo taken of a girl holding what looks like an olive branch, which is a notable sign of peace and harmony.
This is a painting of the Kreuzkirche in Dresden during the 7 Years' War. The battle left this building in peaces from cannon fire. I think this is love and war at its finest.
This is a painting of Gods being enchanted by Cupid's arrow. I think cupid is the focal point of the painting.
I added this just because it was from WWI. I think people paid attention to detail with their art back then more than now because it was a more cherished concept before photoshop came out.
Credits: All media
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