Georgy mayorov - Photography is an art

This gallery shows how photography has evolved over the years and why it is considered an art along with the paintings and sculptures. Photography is an art form which not everyone can understand and not everyone can see something remarkable in the simple from the first look photographs.

On this photograph we can see an empty grey room with a teared down wallpapers and a dirty floor. In the middle of the room a small pink and yellow toy house with a sunlight shining on it through the door.
This photograph is of same photographer as previous one. On this photographer a small toy figure of a karate man is placed next to a gray dirty wall with sunlight shining on the toy figure.
This photograph turns appealing because of the shapes its has. On the photograph we can see a women dressed in warm clothing walking down the stairs in the subway holding on to old yellow handrail.
This photograph is of old lady driving a small clean blue colored car. Her face expression is depressed and she seemed to think about something and not pay attention to the road.
This photograph is of underground in Petersburg city. We can see how underground wall has been made out of other photographs showing perhaps some old people who were related to the construction.
On this small photograph we can see some sort of desert and two bent dry tree trunks. One of the trees still have pink leaves on it. In the between those trees we can see something like wheelchair.
On this photograph we see old man trying to count his coins while standing in what looks like cafe or art gallery. Image has a deeper meaning of elderly people being disrespected and not cared about.
On this photograph we see blonde young woman crossing the road during night time. Her face expression shows depression perhaps about her actions which contrasts with her cloths she is wearing.
On this image we see a dark skinned man in his middle years in the underground train covering face with his hands in depression. Wearing middle class cloths which could mean that he is in trouble.
Final image shows us Asian looking person wearing black coat and smoking on the street. Street walls are covered in graffiti. I would say that this genre of photography is a street photography.
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