Musical Moment - Every time, everywhere, everyone

I used Models-Elevation,Chronology and Mash up to show the music always exist in our life from the beginning.

1901, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
This ancient Egyptian painting was made about BC 25000 - BC 525. It was extremely long time ago from now, but we can see the music and dance existed in that time.
Sculptural ceramic ceremonial vessel that represents a flute player ML002210, Moche style, 1 AD - 800 AD, From the collection of: Museo Larco
another example made by ancient people in Peru. we can see the sculpture represents a flute player. and this ancient legacy is being continued nowaday.
Upa Upa (The Fire Dance), Paul Gauguin, 1891, From the collection of: The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Music is not the elements when the special day. People sing and dance in daily life. It's part of our life which derived from ancient age
The Star, Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas, French, 1834 - 1917, c. 1876-1878, From the collection of: Philadelphia Museum of Art
As time goes on music take a role commercial thing. People was pleased to pay money for Good music and dance performance. especially Degas who painted this picture liked to draw ballerina.
Pablo Casals -1965, Gjon Mili, 1965, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
Some person born with great gift for music Pablo Casals was One of them. He is called one of the Master of cello until these days.
Ray Charles, Bill Ray, 1966-05-03, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
Ray Charles, of course he is great artist like Casals but there's some difference between them. most of you know, he was blind. but music is fair all of people. the handicap couldn't stop him to forward and he be came a 100Greatest Singers of All Time in america
War And Conflict-Civil War, 1864, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
In War period, music was still with us. This picture which time of american civil war, we can see the man who playing a banjo. music makes soldier encouraged.
1918, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
At WWI, the music goes on. people found rest in musical moments.
London Wartime Nightlife, Hans Wild, 1944-02, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
At WWII, civilian go to party - play music of listen, dance- to banish the fear of war
Laws Aimed At Hippies, John Dominis, 1969-11, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
The hippie subculture was originally a youth movement that arose in the United States during the mid-1960s and spread to other countries around the world. this was important moment that music can be using for some "movement" especially for Peace.
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