Jenna Mickschl-College Art

Nature and Sunsets

This art represents nature in the way that it is a photo of a road and vehicles driving away from a sunset in what seems to be a rural area, and the main focus is the colors in the evening sky.
This photo represents nature taking on a fishing dock, capturing the sunset over a body of water, with fishermen and posts from the dock shown black in the foreground. A natural, casual occurrence.
This photo represents nature with the evident trees taking up the whole picture, with the light of the sky in the background not allowing any form of color on the viewers side of the trees.
This photo represents nature because the setting shows the body of water surrounded by the blackness of the bluffs, all underneath the vibrant blues of the sky with the solo jet stream in the center.
This photo is very similar to the last, it was taken near a body of water in the late evening, casting no light in the foreground except for the flames of the campfire, pointing upward towards the sky
Credits: All media
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