Yellow as the Day

Elizabeth Bowden

Van Gogh attempted proportion and perspective a lot, and although it is close it most certainly is not perfect. There is a sense of respect for that though - I enjoy things that are imperfect..
The focus is only on himself here in this self-portrait and the strokes around him bring you back into his head with every eye movement.
This painting is quite flat and the perception is off but like I said earlier, I enjoy that. You understand clearly what it is of and I like the whimsical feeling of it.
This painting is a bit of an oxymoron to me, these plants look like a coral reef and they are overlooking the sea, which in my mind is where they belong. I love the pastels he used here.
This color green is a bit out of character for what I've seen of Van Gogh, the strokes are mostly unicolored and the background looks more like a tapestry or sheet, unlike the usual swirls of paint.
This piece was very interesting to me, the proportion of the furniture is mainly accurate but the perspective is not. He consistently uses this gold yellow color and matches the furniture pieces.
I love the amount of differentiating colors in this piece and the "rake" looking strokes near the pathway. This looks like a beautiful garden that would be found in Italy.
At first glance, this painting instantly reminds of Starry Night, even though they don't have the same painting style. The white specks look like a more modern/minimalistic idea of starry night.
This piece gives me a sort of eery feeling - the figures looked ghostly to me but since they are in such a colorful and vibrant setting, I recognize that they are human and a couple.
This painting might be my favorite... I love the speckled look, the sparkling reflection on the water, and the contrast of the colors orange and blue. I love the ocean and this scene is so peaceful.
This is very similar to the previous piece I selected - the one that looks like coral to me. The only difference I really see here is the colors and the amount of bush overlooking the water.
This is the most abstract piece of Van Gogh's I have seen... I feel it gets this title because of the way he used the black outlines. I thought it was of animals until I read the title.
This painting is very precise and proportional piece. The golden yellow is back but this time accompanied by a few shades of green.
These brush strokes around the fruit closely resembles starry night but this time all of the colors are so close in variation that everything kind of bleeds together. So much golden yellow here.
Again, the strokes of Starry Night are back. There is a lot of detail in the movement of the picture but the people taking a nap don't have any defining characteristics.
This is a quite flat painting, both with dimension and color. This woman seems to be either unamused or upset and she looks like a woman of wealth.
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