Design Principle

This piece has intriciate interval repetition to reveal a pattern
This piece of pottery uses the same shape to create a pattern that seems to create order and balance
The stripes in this dress are made out of tiny individual pieces to create a pattern and then the tassels of this dress serve as a contrasting pattern to make this dress more lively.
The repetition of the use of leaves in this piece that are the same color creates a strong unified pattern.
This patchwork is an example of a busy pattern with the use of different shapes, lines, and colors.
The repetitive use of different floral prints creates a pattern in this ladies dress
These contrasting circular patterns can create unity not only throughout the pattern but also to represent the circular shape of the bowl.
The motif created out of jewels in the center is contrasted with the surrounding pattern of golden leaves to represent the elegance and wealth of royalty.
The use of shapes and colors of this plate come together to create a beautiful pattern.
With a close look at the hills there are several different patterns within the colorful hills. These differences in patterns energize this work.
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