Wealth/HIgh status

1. Many possessions 2. Professional looking clothing 3. One man has on an elaborate jacket and an expensive looking necklace
1. Clothing of high status 2. Hair reserved for the noble 3. exchanging goods
1. Distinguished clothes 2. Distinguished hair 3. surrounded by objects implying inteligence
1. very clean and put together look 2. professional attire 3. holding himself in a manner that would imply he is above others.
1. Elaborate clothing 2. Very neat and put together 3. holding objects made for convenience
1. Elaborate Clothing 2. Jewels found in hair and on different places on the body 3. neat and elaborate hair
1. Elaborate clothes 2. Jewels 3. perfect complexion and hair
1. Surroundings include very expensive objects 2. Expensive looking clothing 3. prestigous location
1. Foot Binding 2. Sign of significance in specific cultures 3. all female members of the higher class were required to do this.
1. Shell wealth items around the neck 2. indicate high class in her culture 3. only members of the high class could wear this
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